Monday, October 29, 2012

The Smell of Cow Manure

I walk between four and six miles every day. If you call where I live a town, part of that walk takes me out of town where I walk along side approximately forty acres where one of the neighbors pastures thirty or so head of cattle.

I like the smell of cow manure.

Well, not in my house or on my person, but in general I like it. I guess I like it because it reminds me of home. Smells bring memories back like few other things do.

Farm kids never like manure; it's just a fact of farm life. So let's not think I'm crazy because I like the smell of manure. It's probably better to say that I became used to it at an early age.  Livestock create it on a regular basis--constantly. There really is no avoiding it. But for some reason the smell of cow manure never really bothered me. Dad never had hogs, except for a short time when I was in elementary school, so I was not exposed to that. I hated the smell of pig manure as a kid and still do. Chickens are an entirely separate issue. Grandma always had chickens, and frankly, nothing smells worse than a chicken house. Nothing. I helped clean out the chicken house on more than one occasion and while it took less time than cleaning out the cattle barn the smell was always worse. Always.

I won't write too many posts about manure. I promise.


  1. Michael, I can not believe the more you speak the more we are attuned to the same. Let me share, when grandson moved to new area his neighbors were cows and many of them. His other half was dubious but she was learning to be a Vet so when they moved, again they both agreed with my theory.
    Cow manure is clean, yes clean,it has an odor but so does car exhaust and trucks and that damages our lungs, cow exhaust does not.
    We also used it medicinally for cuts to pull out the poison.
    Mom said they burned it for fuel so they could heat their meals as a youth. I also love the smell of cow manure. In the end you can get more out of a cow than a machine at the end.

  2. We used to say "smell the fresh county aroma." That meant cow manure.