Sunday, July 27, 2014


When corporations are conceived like humans and die like humans, then they can be treated like humans. Humans have rights granted to them by their Creator.

Corporations are created because of laws enacted by the state and federal government. As such, they can be restricted by the state and federal government. Corporations have rights granted by the State.

Don't like those restrictions? Then don't incorporate, keep your assets in your own name, and do whatever the hell (or heaven) you please. Incorporation is done (usually) to protect assets because of protection afforded by state and federal laws. You want that protection? Then play by the rules.

Some old dusty book I believe says "Render unto Cesear what is Cesears." I'm pretty certain it's not a dusty old state statute book.

You got in bed with Cesear the moment you incorporated. Suck it up.

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